S.O.U.L. Trips

East Los Angeles, CA

Listen to the Story

Rachel Prince My favorite thing in the world is exploring different cities. Everywhere I go, there are things that surprise me, sadden me, and make me happy. Although it has been different experiences throughout, this trip to East Los Angeles has been no different. I...

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City of Stories

By:  Kiernan Dunham One important lesson l have learned this trip is that stories create a community. Being in East Los Angeles has taught me that the classic Walt Disney quote "If you can dream it you can do it." That was what Farther Greg did to help change the...

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Homeboy Industries

By:  Yohanan Urbina-Espinoza            So far, Los Angeles has truly been a sight to see and full of different experiences. We’ve all experienced different spiritual, cultural, and general life experiences throughout our trip. On Tuesday, we had the privilege to...

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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

By:  Tatiana Jones It's something about a welcoming family, a welcoming community, that brings joy to my heart. During our trip in Los Angeles, we had the opportunity to do homestays with families that usually host immersion trip groups. At first, I was a little...

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Mother’s Day

By:  Regina Bettag The past couple days have been a whirlwind in an exciting, challenging way. There is so much to report even from just yesterday and today. However, from writing many reflections and papers this past semester I have learned that I tend to write more...

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Open Eyed

By: Jakira Robinson My high point today was actually finding a part of myself that I have never known. I realize that I take so much for granted, and throughout my 20 years of living, I have been very selfish. Seeing the poverty and the lack of necessities of the...

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A Sight to See

By:  Alexis Cummins East LA has truly been a sight to see, from the tall palm trees to the really short people all in which welcomed us with open palms. We have only been here for twelve hours (4 p.m. right now), yet I have learned so much. I don’t want to...

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